Mt Sinai Students Poses for a photo at the STEM fair

Design thinking at Hassan Joho

Robotic Session at Kajembe High school

Mombasa Senator: Visit During Design Thinking session

Techwomen Kenya pay a visit to Aga Khan High school

Girls Brainstorming :Design Thinking

Maweni Secondary School:Making Blinking LEDs

Sandra from Techwomen Kenya visits Maweni Girls

Hassan Joho :Assembling Sparkfun kit

Nuseyba Training Girls on GIS

Group Photo:Software and web Security TOT Training

Design Thinking Session at Hassan Joho

Sheikh Khalifa Girls During Design Thinking session

Creating Sustainable Development Goals

Science Training:The Science Behind Genetic Engineering

TOT Robotics training day 2

The Mombasa Girls In STEM Launch


Mombasa Girls in STEM Solve IT Project

Techwomen Kenya 2014 Alum, was among 48 global recipients of the US State Department’s Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund. And the first winner of this fund in Kenya. The fund seeks to support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges. Their winning proposal; Mombasa Girls in STEM Solve IT, aims to increase Mombasa girls’ interest in science-based subjects by having 25-30 women professionals from Mombasa train 150 high school girls, in Mombasa, on a STEM-based curriculum.

This approach will not only help demystify science subjects among girls but will also strengthen the capacity of existing female professionals by having them train the students and help them design a project to be presented at an open to the public STEM fair at the end of the project on 13th August 2016. The project is implemented together with their local partners Pwani Teknowgalz

At the STEM fair,a platform for the participating high school students will be provided for them to exhibit their STEM based solutions to community problems in Mombasa modeled around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our aim is to have local government leaders, technologists and the public judge the feasibility of the solutions designed by the girls and consider implementing the winning solution.

STEM Curriculum


Design Thinking

En-amour students with design thinking principles that can be used to engage creative thinking processes and problem solving methods during project design.



Explore the usage of Geospatial Technologies



Study the application of the scientific process in the real world and define genetic engineering and its real world applications.



Software basics to aid in understanding the basic theory of software engineering. Apply basic theoretical principles to a group software development project.



Intro to SparkFun Inventors Kit (SIK) and SparkFun Redbot kits. A great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language.


Web Security

Learn how to secure confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification on your apps.

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