Upcoming Mombasa Girls in STEM Fair

The fair provides a platform for high school students to exhibit their STEM based solutions to community problems in Mombasa modeled around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 2018, STEM fair will be held on  Saturday 22-09-2018 at theSwahili cultural center , Mombasa


2016 STEM Finalists:

  1. Best Science/GIS project awarded to the ‘Pioneers’ from Hassan Joho who mapped dumpsite locations & used the data to sensitize on well being.
  2. Best Robotics project was awarded to Mt Sinai who engineered a temperature sensor for domestic use.
  3. Best Software Project was awarded to Team Hybrid from Memon School who developed an app on First Aid basics.
  4. Mt Sinai – best overall school for the outstanding effort, energy and commitment the teams and school admin gave to the program.
  5. Zainab Arafat from Sheikh Khalifa won the best overall student for her potential and dedication.

Thanks to the judges Zani, Director ,Dr. Suhaila Head of BioChem at Pwani University Ken, Cultural Affairs Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar , U.S. Cultural Attache TMurrietta, Mr Mahmood Noor and everyone who made the fair a success

 Mombasa Girls in STEM video Mombasa Girls in STEM Fair

180 students participate in STEM fair to address community issues in Mombasa