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We set out to mentor 150 high schools girls between the ages of 14 to 18 years from public and private schools in Mombasa, Kenya with the support of local partners. We surpassed this target and 199 high school girls were trained from 13 public and private high schools in Mombasa Objective 2:We set out to train 25- 30 young women and men professionals from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields who will be the trainers to conduct the training for the girls, in the end, 24 young women and men trained as trainer of trainers. 4 lead trainers from the implementing partners. 2016 Mombasa Girls in Stem Alumni were also trained as volunteers

In the 2017-2018 funding period, The program has trained 199 high school girls and 24 ToTs (professionals, university Students and 2016 Alumni volunteers) in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – based curriculum. 3 schools in Mombasa County participated in the 2017/18 program. These include:

  • Tumaini High school
  • Likoni mixed High school
  • Moi Forces Academy
  • Mt Sinai Academy
  • Mbaraki Girls Secondary School
  • Changamwe Secondary School
  • Kajembe High
  • St Charles Lwanga Secondary
  • Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Secondary
  • Maweni mixed Secondary school
  • Memon Academy
  • Qubaa Muslim School
  • Shariff NassirIn January 2018, training sessions for ToTs begun and were held on Saturdays at Swahili Pot Hub in Mombasa. The first training, Human centred Design was held on 20th January. The objectives for the design thinking session was to give ToTs with design thinking principles to train girls in creative thinking processes and problem solving methods as they design their projects. Similar training sessions were carried out for the duration of the month and these included one day training sessions on Science methods, and Geographic Information Systems, Software Engineering and Mobile App development, Mathematical modelling, Robotics and Engineering sessions.Mombasa Girls in STEM launch

    Mombasa Girls in STEM 2017 was launched on March 17th 2018 at the Qubaa secondary school Hall in Mombasa. Here, the partners Techwomen Kenya and Pwani Teknowgalz, inducted the public that included teachers, parents, Trainer of Trainers and the public on the genesis of the program and its objectives. The launch also enabled ToTs who had applied for the project understands their role better and their expected output.

    School Visits

    The County Education Department’s approval was sought and both private and public schools were officially invited to participate in the program. From the 13 schools that agreed to participate, each school had approximately 15 to 20 girls join and these were girls from Form 1 to Form 4 classes. The students were divided into teams of about 5 to 7 girls and each team assigned a Trainer to direct and advise on their project. Four lead trainers were also assigned to each region of school to monitor overall school project progress and logistics per school.

Mombasa Girl in STEM Fair

The project culmination was a STEM fair held on 22nd September 2018, where a platform was provided for the participating high school students to exhibit their STEM based solutions to community problems in Mombasa modelled around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These projects were showcased to local government leaders, local professionals, students, teachers and the general public. The Three judges who evaluated the STEM solutions were: Ms Nayla Said, Community worker at Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Mr Samuel Ngugi, Director of Library Digitization in Education department, Mombasa County Government, and Mr Paul Akwabi, CEO TeckKidz.

STEM Solutions Exhibited at the Fair School


Non Toxic Mosquito coil

Buy second hand academic books- mobile application

Bedbug Repellent

Bio composting tumbler

Smart garbage bin

Hydroponics system to test ocean water fertilizer

Insecurity hotspots – Mobile Application

Smokeless, domestic waste Incinerator

Roofing tiles from Sand / recycled Plastic

Beauty soap from Plant based additives

Electricity generating Wind energy harvester

Crème Soap from recycled soap scraps and Ziziphus leaves

Automated fruit pickers

STEM mentor connector – mobile application

Charcoal Briquettes from charcoal dust and waste papers

Report Early marriages – mobile application

Smart management of Waste

Mosquito trapper

Wall bricks from beach sand and recycled plastics

Security system that detected body heat

Report Assault & get medical help – mobile application

Insecurity Victim help – mobile application

Water crisis solution – GIS and Moringa seeds

Garbage collector connector – mobile application

Use of Salty water to light a bulb

Report Illegal dumping of garbage – mobile application

Water Desalination system

Food waste to a composting Facility – mobile application

Traffic grid lock avoider – mobile application

Smart stick for the visually impaired to navigate independently

Light and fan automated system

Matatu pooling for students – mobile application

Gas sensor to detect cooking gas leaks in the house

Low cost Vacuum cleaner

Sukuma wiki cutter

The project involved the Mombasa County Education department in the identification and selection of public and private schools in the county for participation. The department also provided letters to the selected schools introducing TechWomen Kenya, Pwani Teknowgalz and the project. The Swahilipot Hub availed their premises for all Trainer of Trainer trainings of the project.

Going forward

The project managed to gain the support of the local government through the county officials in education and local businesses. The visitor and parents present indicated interest in purchasing the projects’ products while others wanted to collaborate in commercialization and scaling. Going forward, TechWomen Kenya is still working to make the project and STEM Fair an annual event in Mombasa and the surrounding counties.

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